The Time Is Now- JRJC*

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, May 1, 2008.

  1. I have a funny story for you all and it regards this pick. Playing a rebound in China and the stamp act and all that you obviously want a financial play and JRJC is the most sexy it's the of China, a financial web site so if they can rally hard over there this stock will rally even harder. Now at the time I was equally convinced about the potential chart setup for China Nat resources CHNR which is into mining now. Then which over the past year has probably sent me 100,000 emails EACH TIME PUSHING A STOCK FINALLY COVERED ONE I HAD!!!!! and I'll be dammed if they didn't back away! They said don't buy!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!

    Anyway that's along way of saying I'd put my chips on JRJC now and when you look at the chart you will see it's about to break out, I think. ~stoney
  2. that seems to get pushed up to exorbitant levels and then the floor drops out. not sure how to play it yet.
  3. Finally getting the break out here.... I've already sold some though not happy... probably will leave a limit sell for the rest... might just take the damn $4 because I got crushed in general steel today... It's always bad to let your stinky mood on one stock affect your view on another... but it happens. ~ stoney