The time 2 buy is now big rally coming

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  1. yesterdays selloff wasnt a big deal

    no big news or anythign triggered it. Just pannick selling. The chinese gov said somethign but it wasnt a big deal at all.

    The selling was the result of people deciding to take profits

    Also every other indicator is positive and the nasdaq and dow will continue to rally much higher as if nothign happened.

    The nasdaq should hit 2600 in a few months.

    Terror under control

    rates to remain stable for a long time

    no bad news

    corporate profits increasing as always

    There will probaby be a 1% rally today easily and another 2% by end of week


    goog, ma, chap, tie, aapl, amr, rimm, bidu, gs
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    Yes. The clock struck 12 finally for the Bears on ET. Is this the Dead cat bounce Gloomers?
  3. yeah ror, 1k bucks stop losses here to make it work.
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    1. not a big deal? third largest point drop on the dow of all time...

    2. Learn to spell "panic". the government trying to stop growth and investment of the fastest growing emerging market is a HUGE deal...which is why the market dropped 9%.

    3. "profit taking"...famous last words.

    4. every oter indicator is positive? like housing?

    5. Terror under control??? according to whom? last i looked we were losing the war.

    6. rate remain stable? last i checked there was a 40% chance of a downward revision by year end.

    7. Corporate profits always increase??? since when?

    where do you get this crap?
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    and last but not least CHAVEZ is going to get nasty :D
  6. Wow you do get dumber as the days get longer, ey stock/strky trder? Telling all to buy the day after a correction has begun....unreal.. No need to cover yet folks.
  7. You are a perma bull moron.
  8. um hum um

    markets up .75% today for both the nasdaq and dow
    shorts should have covered yesteday

    the support today is very bullish

    another 1-2% drop would have been bad but the markets have found support and the only direction to go is up
  9. I agree! Can you send me a pair of your ROSEy colored glasses??
  10. You magically found the most gruesome looking charts on Wall Street. Happy buying!! :D
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