The Three Monkeys

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  1. The Three Monkeys

    By Jayne Gardener
    There are three monkeys whose names are Hear-No-Evil, See-No-Evil and Speak-No-Evil.

    They are the monkeys on our backs who enforce the rules when it comes to Jews, Jewish supremacism, Zionism and the state of Israel.

    We never hear much evil about any of the aforementioned, do we?

    Of course, with a media that is insanely liberal and predominately Jewish owned and controlled, that really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, should it?

    The nightly newscasts will report every single hangnail suffered by an Israeli citizen and completely ignore another Palestinian neighbourhood that has been bulldozed into oblivion.

    We hear about the rockets launched into Israeli neighbourhoods but not about the egregious behaviour of the IDF and the settlers in the occupied territories that preceded them.

    Monkey number one is a clever monkey who never allows us to hear a negative word about “the chosen.”

    See-No-Evil is a much more clever monkey.

    You see, he tells us that we don’t really see what it is we think we see.

    We don’t see the Palestinian people being oppressed and slaughtered, it’s just a figment of our gentile imaginations.

    We don’t see the real reasons for the war in Iraq, we only see what we’re told to see.

    “It’s about oil,” they say. Or “It’s about spreading democracy.” Or “It’s about saving the Iraqi people from the murderous hands of Saddam Hussein.”

    And we believe it, because monkey number two sees to it.

    We don’t see the damage that the Jewish supremacists are doing to our society. “It’s the liberals,” they say, not the Jews. Or, “It’s the religious right.”

    We don’t see the damage done to us by miscegenation, wide open immigration policies, diversity, multiculturalism, and all those wonderful things that are sold to us on a daily basis.

    “Those are good things,” monkey number two tells us and the sheople believe it.

    We see the damage done to the traditional family via the radical homosexual agenda, radical feminism and the mistrust and hostility towards everything Christian.

    We think we see all of our values being mocked and ridiculed, but we really don’t see it because the monkey is so good at his job.

    The most clever monkey of the three however, is Speak-No-Evil.

    For not only does he see that no one says anything bad about Israel or Zionists or Jewish supremacists, he enforces it with the full weight of the criminal justice system.

    Get on the wrong side of Speak-No-Evil and he will have you arrested, charged with a hate crime and incarcerated. Just ask Ernst Zundel, David Irving or Germar Rudolf.

    They know how it feels to get on the wrong side of monkey number three and they are paying dearly for it.

    The only way for us to deal with the situation that is slowly changing the very fabric of our society is to get the three monkeys off of our backs.

    We have to hear the evil, see the evil and speak the evil, for shining a bright light on their nefarious deeds is the only weapon we have at our disposal.

    The three monkeys may be clever but we can beat them at their own game.

    The mainstream media may be owned and operated by the very people who are destroying western civilization, but they don’t own the Internet.

    With blogs and websites devoted to getting the news disseminated to the entire world we can defeat the monkeys.

    So spread the word, folks. Start a blog, start a website and send articles to friends and family to get the word out that we are slowly being choked to death by the stranglehold that the Jewish supremacists have on us.

    We can get the Jewish supremacist boot off of our collective necks and we can kill the monkeys. I know we can.

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