The Three Faces of Eve

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by VisionTrader, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. It seems like there should be a way to technically associate a screen name or id to an IP address instead of an email address. Sometimes I wonder if we should divide the 17,000 membership by 10. I don't know how all these folks manage to keep it all straight.

    My $12.50 in the technical IT Department.
  2. nitro


    With what goal?

  3. If I have a friend who wears a mask everyday, and when we talk, I question if his words are from his heart, my opinion of whether or not he is my friend will change.
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    So you want to institute are rule change to this forum so as to make people sign up under their real names (in effect) so you can tell if they are talking from their hearts or not?

    If I can read between the lines in what you are thinking about, it will never happen.

    nitro :confused:
  5. Sorry. If you were actually wondering what I meant, I should not have answered this way.

    I realize it will never happen, its just Sunday and I am here at the computer. Probably would be censorship and that's an issue I do not care to discuss.

    I guess I should be more open minded and just consider every comment. Nevermind.
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    This (trading) industry is filled with TONS of con men. The Internet has only added more fuel to that fire, and an anonimous message board even more so.

    BTW, IP addresses would be meaningless. For example, AOL people look like they are coming from several IP addresses. In addition, anyone that went thru a Proxy or had a dynamic IP assigned would not be unique.


  7. You should trust the honesty of your piers but what they are saying and not by who they are or where they come from.
  8. Agreed. Let's move on. I had a bad morning.