The ThinkOrSwim Ad on ET

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  1. Is it just me, or is the ThinkOrSwim ad on ET somewhat bone-headed? I refer to the one where a fork is associated with a wall socket while a woman is about to put an electrical plug in her mouth. And then there is the one with the hamburger and sugar versus the coffee and ketchup. And let's not forget the shoe and toothpaste versus the toothbrush and shoe polish. Then they do the switcheroo and it all works out. Inspired, eh? Am I the only one who finds it annoying?
  2. I thought this day would never come...someone has something bad to say about ToS! (riskarb does not count).

    Their marketing department have too much time on their hands LOL.

    Luckily I have "banner blindness" so hadn't really paid enough attention to the ads before to be annoyed by them.

    Actually, the "good trade" theme is at least original compared to the competition and their monthly e-mails always provide some entertainment value.
  3. Why wouldn't this thread be placed in Feedback?...instead of cluttering up the trading forum?

    Michael B.
  4. I know nothing about the company and cannot comment in that regard. I just find the ads infantile.
  5. Feel free to do so. I didn't know where to place the thread. Feedback seems right.
  6. who would complain about those ads like this
  7. I guess that would be me.
  8. Librarians too.

    And fyi, in one of those futures ads, they spell "simulator" wrong. :D
  9. I think it is admirable and speaks quite well of you that you hold librarians in such high regard.
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    May be the ad means to much your trading to the right broker. It makes me hungry only:) They do have certain sense of humor.

    So far no one from TOS has been monitoring ET boards. I have forward this thread to Tom. Next time you can email your feedback to to get 100% attention.
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