The thing about Trump

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  1. His brand is a large part of his business in hotels, resorts, casinos, etc.. So having said that, isn't he risking alienating half his customers by going gung ho against obama?
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    I think it's "can't lose" for Donald, unless he loses or folds to Obama because skeletons come out of his closet. He may have to save face by giving up the podium to a stronger rep candidate. My gut tells me he should probably do that sooner rather than later, if possible.
  3. Very good question.

    This reminds me of something Jack Welch said regarding Obama, that Obama must have the slickest marketing campaign to have been elected.

    Now if Trump is all about marketing and branding, perhaps this is a personal challenge for Trump.

    Can marketing and branding and slick ad campaigns elect someone with no substance, an empty suit. Sell the sizzle cause their ain't no steak?


    I agree there is a possibilty he could alienate customers, maybe he's fed up.
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