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  1. Don't you "day-traders" or any kind of full-time (NOT part time, or people that trade as a second job) traders feel like your not accomplishing anything? I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I've assessed the whole "becoming a day trader" path and it just seems like there is no substance behind the job. Yes, it gives you freedom, you can work naked in your bedroom, etc... but even if you are immensely profitable what have you done for society? Buying and selling of a company/currency/future/etc for a quick profit, but what is the higher end result? If you are a day trader your whole life, what have you accomplished? What will people remember you for? If your a low level engineer, at least your building things, a doctor cures people, an investor helps a company grow, a hedge fund manager makes money for people, a janitor keeps place clean, a hit man kills people (at least it is something!)... What does a day trader do for society? Does this bother any of you? Maybe it doesn't matter. Just wondering how everyone else feels...
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    When I have money I spend it and that what economy is all about - spending money.

    I give a good tip to a pizza delivery man he remembers me for it.
    I am a big tipper.
  3. This topic has been discussed about 100 times on this site. Why don't you ask the people who have lived better lives from The Robinhood foundation if they like people who 'buy and sell' currency/equity etc.
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    what does a football player do ?

    plays a damn sport and makes millions, and only plays an average 10-15 yrs and then retires
  5. Daytrading to make money is not the end goal. The ultimate goal is to be a trader to make enough money that would allow one to pursue the things you want to do. I want to give financial safety to my family and give back to society. You can make enough money to give to charities and GIVE BACK to your community.

    With nondaytrading jobs, it will be much harder to have the time to give back to your community. Having a plethora of money also allows you to spend time doing what YOU want to do. For me, that would be traveling and spending time with my family.

    If you read Market Wizards, you will see that those guys probably gave back more to society than the person with the average job.
  6. It rare that people "trade for charity", its more "charity for tax breaks".
  7. He/She entertains the masses.
  8. Stop trading then.
    Go do something else.
  9. I choose to avoid indentured servitude. I make money for myself and am "charitable" with time and money to whom I see fit.....what the fuck do you do?

  10. I sell hope (options), right now. About to graduate, deciding on what the fuck I want to be doing for the rest of my life.
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