The Texas “Miracle”under rick perry.

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  1. rick perry is running on his performance as govrenor. so how does texas compare to other states in the stats that matter to people? almost dead last in most areas.

    "That said, let’s have a look at how Governor Perry’s Texas ranks in a dirty dozen metrics (and keep in mind that Perry has held the governorship for 11 years):
    I don’t see much to be proud of in Perry’s stewardship of Texas. And yes, I’ve highlighted some particularly poor scores, but believe me, Texas doesn’t fare much better in most of the others at the CSG database. And these are all clearly issues over which a governor, given his/her influence on policy matters, could absolutely make a difference. These rankings are, frankly, unacceptable, and now he wants to spread this record nationally? And his “D” in Principles of Economics doesn’t hearten me, either."

    this one jumps out since perry is bragging about his job creation abilities:

    TEXAS, since 2008 -

    LOST 40,000 private sector jobs since 2008 – jobs lost – 40K PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS LOST.

    GAINED 115,000 GOVERNMENT jobs in the same period – 115K GOVERNMENT JOBS CREATED.

    and this:

    REPORT: Texas Ranks Dead Last In Total Job Creation, Accounting For Labor Force Growth