The Terrorists In The U.S. Congress

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  1. Son of a Zionist Terrorist - Rahm Emanuel's Dirty Secret

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    by Christopher Bollyn
    Independent Journalist
    (Without Borders)
    17 November 2006

    The Terrorists In The U.S. Congress

    Rahm Emanuel

    Thursday, November 16
    Christopher Bollyn, spoke about this with Smith.
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    The new "golden boy" of the Democrat Party, the Israeli-American congressman Rahm Emanuel, is the son of a terrorist.

    Really, I am not making this up, the chief power-broker of the Democrat Party, the 5-and-a-half foot foul-mouthed Israeli named Rahm, is the son of terrorist – a real living terrorist. So, what do we do as citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave fighting the War on Terror? Do we run and hide from the foul-mouthed little Israeli who danced ballet and swears for effect - or do we laugh? Or do we demand answers? How can we respect a U.S. Congressman who served in a foreign army and whose father was a terrorist? Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat congressman for the 5th District of Illinois in Chicago is the son of an Israeli terrorist. Rahm's father, Benjamin, was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization that coined a new word as they blew up hotels, train stations, and other buildings in Palestine in the 1930s and 40s. Rahm was an Israeli citizen until he was 18 years old, when for obvious reasons he hid his Israeli passport in his underwear drawer. In 1991, however, he pulled his Israeli passport out and went and reportedly joined the Israeli Army to defend Zion from Saddam's Scuds. Irgun, the army of his father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi, which supposedly means something like "National Military Organization" in Hebrew. As a matter of fact, the Irgun was simply a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine from 1931 to 1948. They killed innocent Palestinians and British soldiers and blew up buildings. After 1948 they became part of the new Israeli government and did the same thing.

    The map of Zion as per the Irgun
    of Rahm Emanuel and his ilk

    http://www.erichufs TFC/img/pinaunto fte_08_12. JPG
  2. All is fair game in the middle east.
    Arabs celebrate Hamas terrorists, so what's your point ?
    Rahm is a good guy but not a pussy. Nice with Nice people, Bad with Bad people (Republicans, arabs).
  3. So now Zionists terrorists are good pals with the democrats?

    You should download paltalk and listen to what the hardcore Zionists say about your buddy barak "HOUSAIN" Obama. Listen to what they say about Obama "The Muslim terrorist".

    Only after he won, and after the Zionists realized that they could lose a lot due to their stands before he got elected, did they decide to penetrate the new administration and kiss up to him.

    Rahm's father declared proudly in "Haartez", an Israeli newspaper, that his son will not leave his principals at the white house's door steps and that he will serve the interests of the state of Israel.

    Enjoy the new wars that Israel will start. Especially after 70% of the American people expressed their rejections to the present wars and the next ones.
  4. US Jews voted 77 % for Barack. Go take your anti-Semitic rants elsewhere.
  5. I am sure you knew that because;

    1- You had your men standing at every ballot station asking Jews who they are going to vote for

    2- Each Jew was carrying an additional card proving his religion and

    3- You are so NOT anti Semitic to assume that every Jew is a Zionist.

    Calm down oktiri...I supported Obama but I am used to being fucked in the ass by every American President who knows that he has to kiss up to that small state called Israel.

    Its a mutual ass kissing if you will. Every president has to do it no matter how many lives get wasted.
  6. No, But i trust exit polls more than I trust you. Jews are reliable democratic voters, over many many elections. You seem to confuse Jews with neocons, calm down.

    No US president is fucking the middle east in the ass. The middle east is fucking itself in the ass. they are the farthest nations on EARTH from democracy (tell me who's not leaving his son as the next prez : Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Lybia, Gulf States), they hate each other (Sunni- Chia). They' are extremely poor if not for oil, I watched a documentary about Syria a couple years ago where they showed people AMAZED at the first Syrian ATM !!!! they are THIS backward. and israel is a DEMOCRACY where ideas are debated, there is no such thing in the middle east.
    A friend of mine who visited Damascus told me there were pictures of ASSAD on every fucking car and in every FUCKING gimme a break...

  7. Who do you think we should "kiss up to" and why?
  8. And how is that related to electing a gentleman to the second highest office, who happened to be a citizen of a foreign country, served in the army of a foreign country and happened to be a son of a father who was a member of a terrorist group that went from house to house killing women and children, bombed hotels and killed British soldiers?

    How is the above related to electing a gentleman who has a father who boosts that his son will serve a foreign country regardless?

    Stop diverting the subject and be honest. By not doing so will end up putting you in the same "blind support" catagory that you accused some bush supporters of being.

    I could go on by claiming that the vast majority of the Arab dictators are puppets of the US. After all, Condi called them "moderate leaders". I will not do that because I acknowledge that it is our fault for not succeeding in moving all of these agents.
  9. The American people! After all, I thought that the president of the USs is a servent of the people who elected him. But I could be wrong!

    No need for the "why" I guess.
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