the Terminator of poker

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    Does anyone have a big enough set to take this kid on :cool:
  2. Dwan LOST over 6 million playing poker in 2009.
  3. Where the hell did he get it at 22 to lose it in the first place? :eek:
  4. I wish I'd of said.. the terminator of RISK ..

    because this kid has a set of BALLS bigger than anyone listing here! :cool:
  5. He definitely has a crazy risk tolerance.

    Unfortunately, sometimes it gets him in some really huge pots when he's dominated.
  6. BTW- In case you didn't know, GSN (game show network) has a show called "High Stakes Poker" on Sunday nights.

    Minimum 100k buy-in, most guys bring much more. Huge action. Fun to watch and learn from the best.

    My favorite players- Farha, Dwan, Booth, Elezra, Negreanu.

    Least favorite- Laak (total asswipe), Esfandiari (piker), Sheikhan, Brunson jr.
  7. You forgot Jennifer Harman. She has the no BALLS at the table :D

    Gabe Kaplan is the best, funny and insightful as hell. although its obvious he can't walk the walk himself

  8. Kaplan is great to listen to. Very insightful, and also very funny.

    In season two, he actually played at the table! He walked in and took Negreanu's spot and Negreanu did the commentary for Kaplan. Great episode.

    BTW- Kaplan took down two nice sized pots. One was a major bluff. He definitely earned some respect from the pro's.
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    trading tips off et i guess.
  10. do you think he might be bankrolled by a big poker site or two? he is good for poker biz :D
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