The Terminator 4 Salvation 2009

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  1. Terminator franchise is what got me interested in the movies in the first place. The first was a suspenseful cyberpunk thriller, and the second became my favorite movie of all time. The third fell short of intelligence but still solid nonetheless, and the TV series was a good addition to the franchise. Nearing the end of May, the fourth and latest film addition of the beloved sci-fi franchise will open, and viewers are in for a sheer summer spectacle.
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  3. Last time I checked, the markets are closed on Saturday, so if someone wants to play, let him.
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  5. Spoiler:

    You posted that june 6th and said, "it WILL open at the end of May". Its been open for 3 weeks I think it is.

    Anyway, saw it. Liked it. Seemed true to the story but the cyborg
    didn't seem to have the power previous terminators had. That and given the science Skynet must be capable of some of the
    action was implausible ( ...what else is new in action films?) as in how could their security be so ineffectual against the raid on their headquarters. Where was pretty much anyTHING to provide security? Conner just got away with too much against an omnipotent foe, like over 3000 rounds a minute being fired at him and ...they missed. Liked the reduced saturation color scheme and the machines design, alot of the
    computerized scenery where flying machines used it as backdrop, esp. in the canyons. I came in expecting alot, maybe too much but I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.