The "Teens" and "Youths" are at it again

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    "A judge has placed seven central Fla. teens on home detention after they were charged with punching and kicking a 13-year-old girl until she was unconscious"


    Yes, SEVEN "teens" beat the shit out of a 13 year old girl just because she wanted to sit down on the bus to school.

    Here are the names of the violent "Youths"-

    14-year-old Zantavia Williams, 14-year-old Ladricka James, 12-year-old Javaris Beard, 13-year-old Alphonso Young, 12-year-old Bria Watkins, 13-year-old Lamiracle Mackey, and 15-year-old Jebria

    Oh, and in case you didn't guess, the girl who was beaten unconscious was white.

    Fucking disgusting that the liberal media will not call this what it was-

    A HATE CRIME!!!!

    If that was white on black it would be the lead story on every fucking media outlet in the country.
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    RCG Trader will now explain to us why this was the white girls fault.
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  4. Says the guy who uses the code words "Teens" and "Youths"
  5. I'm neutral about the upcoming inflation and meltdown of the US.. I'll just exit for fairer parts of the world.

    Ghettoland is poor now but if we have inflation like some are predicting, maybe the dollar goes to fifteen cents over a few years time... that government cheese can give a person squeaky gut and people with squeaky gut are frustrated.. It could get UGLY [that's worse than just ugly] out there and Whities will definitely be the target for lots of Black Rage.. I'd be full of rage too if Jessie Jackemup was suing all the employers and thereby rendering me undesirable as a worker and I had to depend on the Democrats for my welfare checks and my neighborhood was overrun by gangsters.. But hey, you get what you vote for!!
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    Its exit Stage Right time.
  7. Actually, more telling is the posters need to scrawl thru the millions of articles out every day to find this particular.

    Then, the poster tries to attribute this type of behavior to an entire people via proxy.

    It is the only reason he would post this, and I bet he is birther, too:)
  8. Yes, America is hip to the code word thingy. That's is why the conservatives are now in the this mode.

    Note the threads, guns sales at record, and 377 and others just saying, "run away! Run away!"

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    I`m sure she had it coming....

    She will recover and become a life long racist thanks to her beat down.