The technology of disinformation

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  1. All I heard today on Rush and Hannity was condemnation of Kerry for his comments regarding "foreign" leaders.

    Think an apology will be forthcoming from Rush and Sean?

    Not a chance.

    We have seen a phony rumor of Kerry's affair, a non story about off color language in some article on his website, and the recent nonsense of his "foreign" leader comments.

    In this age of instant disinformation, by the time we get to the acual debate process between Bush and Kerry, is it any wonder that most people have lost interest in the process?

    In the information age, we seeing more disinformation than real information.



    A BOSTON GLOBE reporter at the center of a growing controversy over comments made by John Kerry last week in Florida now claims he "screwed-up" -- and John Kerry never bragged how "foreign leaders" privately backed his presidential bid!

    "I mistranscribed a key word," explains Patrick Healy, a political reporter for the BOSTON GLOBE who covered the event in a pool capacity.

    "Listening to the audio recorder now, in the quiet of my house, I hear 'more leaders' and I am certain that 'more leaders' is what Senator Kerry said."


    Healy claims in an e-mail correction: "Transcribing on the bus in Florida, and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard 'foreign leaders' rather than 'more leaders'. I am very sorry for this screw-up, and please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and higher-ups."

    It was Healy's pool reporting of Kerry's "I've met foreign leaders" quote that ignited the original firestorm, and resulted in a dare from Secretary of State Colin Powell to name names!

    BOSTON GLOBE reporter's email correction:

    Subject: FW: Senator Kerry's remark at fundraiser about foreign leaders wanting him to beat Bush


    Given the growing attention to Senator Kerry's remark at the Fla. fundraiser about foreign leaders wanting him to beat Bush, and Kerry's subsequent statements that he'd merely "heard from" leaders, I went back to my recording of the event to re-confirm his remarks and put them in context. I wanted to provide that for all of you as well as CORRECT the record on a key word that I mistranscribed.

    When Kerry concluded his stump to the Florida fundraisers and donors, Milton Ferrell, Kerry's Florida finance chair, piped up:

    MILTON FERRELL: "This is more than just the 50 states. You travel around outside the states, the people are still [inaudible] Europeans and elsewhere, they're counting on the American people. They hate Bush, but they know we're going to get rid of him. They're counting on us. [inaudible] It's a lot more than just [inaudible]-"

    KERRY: "I've been hearing it, I'll tell ya. The news, the coverage in other countries, the news in other places. I've met more leaders who can't go out and say it all publicly, but boy they look at you and say, you gotta win this, you gotta beat this guy, we need a new policy, things like that. So there is enormous energy out there. Tell them, whereever they can find an American abroad, they can contribute," a reference to donations, prompting laughter from the crowd.

    Transcribing on the bus in Florida, and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard "foreign leaders" rather than "more leaders." Listening to the audio recorder now, in the quiet of my house, I hear "more leaders" and I am certian that "more leaders" is what Senator Kerry said. I am very sorry for this screw-up, and please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and higher-ups.

    -- Patrick
  2. Of course all these little Goebbels wanna-be's will spew whatever (a) fits their ideology...truth does not matter!!! and (b) whatever pleases their pinheaded!!

    Our democracy is in great danger, and it is not from the 'communists and socialists' that these right wing whackos scream about all day long. NO, it is from the right...that is where the attack on our liberties is coming from. That is where the real danger is.

  3. The average follower of Hitler and his crew were not evil, but rather lacking in education, feeling fearful of the future, and looking for an easy and black and white solution to the problems of Germany in that time frame.

    When you see a collective ideological body implemeting and propagating black and white thinking, then couching their political opponents in hateful terminology like Hannity, Coulter, and Rush do, it is not too hard to imagine them wearing fascist gray uniforms.

    Their appeal is nearly always to the emotions, base emotions, rather than reason and common sense.

  4. i for one can imagine Ann wearing a fascist gray uniform ...

    MAKE ME lick your boots ;-p


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  6. Late breaking news from Healy:

  7. hehheh....... you make me crazy with lust ! @@

  8. It's not unique to left or right - ALL politicians do it.

    The spin from the left is as bad as it is from the right - unfortunately, instead of the two spins canceling each other - they combine to make everyone that much more nauseous.

    These days, "politician" just means being a out and out liar, scheming to serve their own self-interests.

    So much for the days of the "statesman" - the professional politicians killed them eons ago.

    The worst thing this country ever did was allow elected office to become a permanent job and an end unto itself, instead of something you did for a few years "in service of your country" and then you returned to your REAL job.

    This year's election is going to be another Queen of the Pigs race.
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    >The spin from the left is as bad as it is from the
    >right - unfortunately, instead of the two spins
    >canceling each other - they combine to make everyone
    >that much more nauseous.

    My god how perfect a statement.

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