The tech bubble of the 90's

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  1. Any traders or investors here who played the market back then? Care to share some of your experience....

    Did you make it big or lose it all?

    Did stocks rise 10 fold year to year?

    Is it true stocks was the only thing people talked about on the street at work or in the bars?

    Was your mom playing it? Is she in the stock market today?

    It might be a worn out topic but I have a problem with the following disconnect...

    Stocks were booming and everyone was in it or so they say....

    These last 2 years stocks exploded equally yet general sentiment towards stocks by the populace seems very negative or at least that's my perception....

    So it takes more then rising stock prices to get the public on board?

    Anyway, thanks for any insights.
  2. Stocks have not "exploded equally" the past two years relative to the 90s tech bubble. The market action today is NOTHING compared to the late 90s.
  3. Nice thread.

    Guess who got in the market at the peak? Me. lmao. Yuppers. march of 2k. That was a mess.
  4. Another way of answering your question would be to open any tecnhical analysis charting software and find out for yourself.

    Actual number are worth much more than individual experiences if you ask me...
  5. Everything EXCEPT the giant pile of "blow". :cool:
  6. Thanks a million!
  7. It may happen again soon in a certain sector if you know where to look.
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    ill never forget NTBK, QCOM, EMLX, BRCM and others that are no longer with us...just going ape shit day after day after day..I remeber stocks being down 10-20 only to be up 40-50 points ...crazy shit. I used to trade off the watcher platform and the p&l was a beautiful thing to have on the middle left hand side of the computer. and I was a piker...I saw people putting up 300k and 400k hours not days but hours...
  9. I seriously thought you were dead....
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