the tech blow up was childs play--bsc

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. the tech blow up was childs play compared to this and that lasted 2 years. i can't wait for the usual pricks to flame me for my post.
  2. You don't offer much substance that you could be flamed for. In fact, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make.
  3. Oh no dow is now 140 points off lows and surging

    everyone and their grandmother knows BSC this story really such a big deal? No it isn't.

    Market will go green again today
  4. i agree with you. This is very very bad.

  5. Oh my gosh the dow is down 200 from its high today,
  6. Actually it isn't a big deal because with the exception of crappy financial stocks, 95% percent of large cap companies have robust fundamentals. Short at peril. Big funds dont care about BSC that much. Buy the dip.
  7. Where are all our ET PHD economists calling for the Fed to raise rates because crude is >$100????
  8. Could be correct, but that idea is not yet accepted by the majority of the market.

    Some are looking for a bottom this summer and stronger 2nd half. Others are concerned the weakness will be tied to the housing market/consumer spending and may last as long as 2010-2012.

    I'm thinking it could be both. In eWave terms, the Spring/Summer low could be the end to Wave 1. Rally back about 50% of the decline into the Fall = Wave 2. After that, acknowledgment of the actual severity of the situation starts Wave 3 to the downside... and it takes until 2010-2012 for a final bottom.

    Too soon to tell which (if either) is correct, but need to keep an open mind about the possibilities.