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    "For a decade, the left owned the streets. Subsidized by George Soros and energized by the Clinton impeachment in the 90s and the Iraq War since, it dominated the Internet and grass roots campaigning. Michael Moore's movies - however misguided - enthused their ranks and catalyzed their efforts. ACORN worked to commit massive voter fraud in the guise of stimulating voter turnout and the New Black Panthers worked to intimidate those with whom they disagreed. President Barack Obama was the result.

    Now, finally, conservatives are answering with their own grass roots efforts in the Tea Party movement. Tea Party activists are bringing the battle to stop big government spending and taxes to the streets and parks of America.

    And its working! The Tea Party movement, working closely with Americans for Prosperity (AFP), mobilized people against the Obamacare proposal and, in the end, will cost the Democrats their Congressional majorities - a fitting price for defying the will of the people.

    Democrats are so threatened that they are demonizing the Tea Party as eccentric, extreme and racist. Speaker Pelosi compared them to the Nazis. These are the cries of those about to lose an election - big time!

    Now a new film, The Tea Party Movie, shows the anatomy of the group and explains its motivations. With almost no funding or paid staff and all decisions made at the local level, the Tea Party people are reshaping American politics. A bottom-up movement, they are restoring values to our politics.

    The film, sometimes moving, sometimes funny, and always interesting is available online at Do yourself a favor and watch it!

    And, on September 12th, pack your bags and migrate to Sacramento, St. Louis, or Washington DC for the three mega-rallies sponsored by the Tea Party folks. Its time to get out of the grandstands and onto the playing field. We need a massive show of participation and enthusiasm to kick-off, animate, and catalyze the effort to throw the big spending socialists out of Congress in November! Go to to learn more about the rallies. Organize your friends and neighbors to go and attend!

    The Tea Party is not only electing Republicans, it is cleansing them. Their victories in intra-party contests in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and South Carolina shows that they are no happier with big spending Republicans than with Democrats of a similar persuasion. Many worried that the Tea Party would be a third party movement, splitting the vote and electing the Democrats. No way. Instead, they are winning their primaries and purifying the Party.

    What a great time to be alive and what a wonderful group to support!"
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    An Important Message

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  3. Do you think the Leftist media would allow this to be run in a TV spot?
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    How About This One?

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    the act of turning one's destructive tendencies inward or upon oneself.
  6. Politics: Its a high school football game.
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    Dem Campaign Plans


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  9. Interesting link, but I don't buy the Tea Party angle.

    I think there is a large groundswell of people who are just deeply concerned with the direction of the country. They were not particularly happy with Bush, they had problems with McCain and Obama/Pelosi/Reid have pushed things to critical mass.

    You may be right that a great economy would take people's minds off their upset, but not all the discomfort is financial. People sense that they are losing their grasp on their government, to the extent they ever had any. Almost every important social issue is decided by federal judges, and invariably in a way that is deeply unpopular. Gay marriage, Arizona immigration, Miranda rights for terrorist detainees, birth citizenship for illegals, the list is endless.

    Ordinary people and candidates who reflect their values, like Sarah Palin, are mocked mercilessly by the media. We have a president who seems like a foreign governor general sent to rule over us. He has no respect for our laws and traditions and seems totally clueless to the offensiveness of his constant vacations and his wife's staggering spending.

    We have signs warning citizens to stay off certain roads in arizona which are apparently reserved for use by drug dealers and illegals, yet the federal government uses it resources to sue the state for trying to do something about the issue. The President of Mexico comes to the White House and the Capitol and attacks our citizens to the president's evident approval.

    In sum, there is a growing sense that people who act responsibly and play by the rules get screwed and end up subsidizing the irresponsible and the hustlers.
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    growing sense??? this is it exactly.

    tired of busting my ass to give what i make to others.
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