The TARP program, and others, show why equity bears will ALWAYS fail!

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  1. The TARP agreement says the money given to the financial biz "is not reviewable by any court of law"!

    Everyone on this board sees the bullshit (I don't agree with everything the gov. is doing), but then they draw entirely wrong conclusion!

    The whole country has to support the financial industry.

    The gov. has been instituting programs like the TARP, and the will DO IT AGAIN, or ANY TIME THEY FEEL LIKE IT.

    Traders will not stand in the way of Warren Buffett, but they will go short against the largest economic entity in the history of mankind.

    And they KNOW that very same entity can, and will, bend, or break, any rule to further the bullish case. That is the most important point of all!

    Yes, the fix is in. ON THE LONG SIDE.
  2. Especially in oil market, granted I was wrong in it couple of time more than I want to, but the point is oil/energy price are fixed in certain way, which will ensure tax revenues for governments both locally and internationally.

    I wish oil collapses to $10, which is highly unlikely event at record low interest rate.
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    Wait till all those nice programs disappear.

    Oh wait they wont take them away, they will keep extending these programs like unemployment and house tax credits to keep the economy rolling along as if nothing ever happened. Eventually this will break just like it always does. The next bernanke bubble is forming.

    This is just like every bubble in the past, no one acknowledges what happens until after the bubble pops. This one will pop just like the last 5 we had over the last 2 decades. Only way the economy can keep on chugging along is with stimulus and intervention, all these stupid talking bulls think otherwise, they actually believe the economy is headed for a "V" shaped recovery.

  4. not really
    everything can't go up forever and Fed have to balance

    let's say oil goes above $100 and stays there

    so what Fed will choose? print more money to ensure everybody can buy gas?
    whay if oil then goes to $200

    or maybe rise interest rates?

    last time they didn't so oil rose to $150 and crashed everything with itself
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    OIL above $30 is a joke...

    The higher equities go the higher oil will move.

    DOW 11,000 and certainly expect 95+ oil.

    Eventually the economy will start feeling the high price of energy and commodities along with a collapsing dollar because everything is great in the fantasy land of wallstreet.
  6. You are completely clueless.
    The recovery has already been discounted in the stock market . . . to the tune of a 60% RALLY.

    And you missed the entire move with your continual buying of bearish inverse ETF's all the way up.

    Perhaps someday you will actually learn how the equity markets work. Until then, you should just shut your pie-hole so that you don't look like more of a a FOOL than you already are.

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    the fed needs to make a decision right now, they keep waiting and waiting, some are saying rates wont move until 2011, I can just imagine if rates were to say below 1% for the next 2 years.

    They have no idea whats ahead.
  8. And you have proven that you are nothing more than a college kid that posts worthless "drivel" on this website that has no idea HOW TO MAKE MONEY in the stock market.

    Being BEARISH for the last 400 points in the S&P is classic.

    You look like a total FOOL.
  9. But you know what lies ahead? That's why you keep averaging into losing positions and buying stuff that went down "too far" and shorting stuff that went up "too far" :cool:
  10. Please stop quoting that jackass and put him on ignore. If I, a moderator, can do it, you can. Trust me, ET is a much more fun place.
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