The Target Maps

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    Produced by Republicans:

    Produced by Democrats:

    Really? The Dems think they can pontificate from moral high-ground because they used an archery target?

    Unbelievable and difficult to process. Part of me is sure that there are irreconcilable differences here at this point.
  2. It is difficult to imagine how the radical leftists are claiming some moral high ground with regard to this issue. The MSM has hit a new low trying to pin the right with being responsible for the killings. Would it have been too much to ask that they do some fact checking before making wild eyed speculations? I guess so.
  3. Here's the story disclosing that Jared Loughner was not influenced by target maps or Sarah Palin.
    In 2007, Loughner "wrote 'die bitch' and 'die cops' on a letter he received from [Giffords]". [​IMG]