The Tao Of Trading?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Pabst, Nov 2, 2002.

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    Scarecrows and apples meet Mr. Constricted...

    Tao is most definately not a philosophy or teaching, The Tao Te Ching and The Inner Chapters are no more philosophy than Waldens Pond...
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  2. Man you are messed up. I hope you're kidding. Materialism is just as spiritual as pure meditation in a cave is as spiritual as eating a hotdog watching the Cubs lose is as spritual as bowling or flying a kite with your kid.

    If you think they are like water and oil, then that's what shrinks make their living on. People all split up.

    Yeah, like I was saying, unity. In mind, in the world, between people and things. I sure hope you're kidding. That's the way I tried to live when I was young and a broad broke my heart so I said the hell with it, I'll just go be spiritual.
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  3. right, what'd I say? Waldens Pond, see, now THAT"S philosophy.

    You sure you're talking about the same tao? I mean the paperback version.

    Anybody know of a good way to keep everything unorganized?
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  4. oh yeah, you're kidding. I feel better now. Good one. You had me worried.

    You like to do that don't you? Play jokes. Well, you're good at it, I'll say that. Sort of like a fast change artist. He can never take you for your money unless their is some greed in you. That's what he uses to get inside your head and mess it up while he takes your money.

    How do I know this? Well, it aint because I'm sharp.
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    Like I said----> SCARECROWS AND APPLES...

    And another ones gone and...

    Bedtime, time to turn in, but turn into what?

    I wonder who is the most incoherent, yourself or that tsaimoto cat?
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  6. I'm probably the most incoherent, But I never think about me, because I am selfless. As a matter of fact that's my mantra. I just say it over and over again

    I am selfless
    I am selfless

    (it helps if you do it standing in front of mirror)

    If you see your self disappearing, then stop, because you might be becoming REALLY selfless, I mean like no more, vamoose, ixnay, asta la prego, salsa da my oh, me oh my oh where did you go now?
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    This was beautiful, thank you for posting.
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