The Tao Of Trading?

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  1. Some of the taomasters have ascended. Some achieved some degree of immortality. After that they retreated to a mountaintop honing their psychic powers.
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  2. It's an interesting observation. Why historically has the standared of living in geographical areas where Buddhism was strong been so low? And why did the standard of living in areas where the reformation took hold rise so rapidly?
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  3. A more interesting question would be:

    Is the concept of a "standard of living" that most Americans embrace and seek, the same as the principles for a "standard for living" that Buddha taught?
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  4. Ninja


    But how to make sure that these stories are real and not just fairy-tales of some gurus or their followers?

    Does anyone have a good, reliable source?
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  5. right, that's the question I was asking.
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  6. You don't need tao or anything spiritual to enhance intuition. Anyone can have it good guy or bad. Tao and stuff like that is a teaching you go to if you want to figure out how to use your intuition the good way.

    And that's what we were talking about, man's view of money and wealth, and it's importance or it's non importance.

    But don't get it confused with intuition. Anybody can have power, it's what you do with it that matters.
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  7. your point is valid. there needs to be a mix between the east and west. it is difficult to reconcile the two distinct philosophies, but it can be done on a personal level. what we need is german engineering and eastern soul. hope this makes sense.

    tao jones,

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  8. Why do we need a mix of the two? Oil and water do not mix.

    The eastern philosophy is complete in itself, and those who understand it fully know that what the west offers is not something needed for their path.

    The pure, unadulterated eastern path has not changed since the beginning. It was complete, it is complete, and it will always be complete in its pure form. People have been practicing that path for quite a long time without the materialism the west offers.

    If people really think they can absorb themselves in all the fruits of this world and it's temporal nature, and at the same time live the spiritual life that eastern wisdom offers, they are deeply confused and practicing self deception of the highest level.

    The heart of materialism and the heart of true eastern spiritualism are on opposite ends of the spectum. They are not of the same substance, and they do not mix. What you think of spiritual, is actually contained within the realm of materialism, and falls into different psychic realms within your own mind, or in the celestial realms, or within the confines of your own soul. It has nothing to do with real spiritualism, which is beyond your own mind, beyond your own soul, and beyond the reach of any material being.

    It all depends on where your heart is actually. Sure you can live in this world, we have to, but a truly spiritual soul seeking lasting happiness is not attached to this world, his heart is not in this world, as his goal is to find a liberation from the bondages of the never ending cycle of material life and death.

    You can only serve one master, you can only move in one direction, either in the direction of this world, or in the direction of the Divine world which is not material.
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  9. deep and insightful, as usual 777. however to the extreme--if i choose to apply some eastern principles to my decidely western goals there is no conflict in my mind. one can have material things without worshipping same, as one can seek enlightenment without doing without.

    all the best to you my friend,

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  10. Children can dress up like their parents and pretend they are at an adult dinner party. They can apply makeup, and use their imagination...but they remain children without real understanding of what it is to be an adult. They mimic the form of adults, acting out what they see on the surface, but have no knowledge of the inner life of their parents.

    Only you and God really know what your heart is most attached to, in what direction you are really moving....

    whether you are running on the treadmill of the temporal material illusions of life, or stopping to surrender to the real and everlasting.
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