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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by PubliasEnigma, Jul 12, 2002.

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  1. Publias

    Publias Guest

    ~Mind of Absolute Trust~

    The perfect way (tao) lacks difficulty,
    Save that it avoids longing and aversion.
    Only when you stop liking and disliking
    Will all be clearly understood.
    A split hairs difference,
    And heaven and earth are set apart!
    If you want to get the plain truth,
    Be not concerned with right and wrong.
    The conflict between right and wrong
    Is the sickness of the mind.

    Hsin-Hsin, the oldest known Zen poem; as translated by D.T. Suzuki...
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  2. ElCubano


    Hard not to be attached to certain results. Do you have kids Mr.Publias???
    #52     Aug 13, 2002
  3. Publias

    Publias Guest

    No Elcubano I don't... Actually I am still quite a youngin myself at just 22 years of age :)

    And yes it is very difficult to reach a state of detachment but with constant practice and commitment it gets easier and easier and easier...

    PEACE and good trading,
    #53     Aug 13, 2002
  4. The ego makes us to believe that we are the doers of our actions and are also responsible for our actions. It makes us perform our actions out of desire for the fruit of our actions. In the process it binds us to the mortal life. All actions are performed by the properties of nature (inherent in man), but the egoistic ignorant self believes that he is the doer

    Depending upon how we approach about it, the ego or the lower self , can be either a help or an impediment to us in our spiritual endeavor. The self alone is the friend of the self and the self alone is the enemy of the self. The self is a friend of him who has conquered it and an enemy who has not.
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  5. Publias

    Publias Guest

    I see you too have read The Gita! Thankyou for the contribution to my thread :)

    Finaly somebody steps up with something to actually contribute, thankyou CandleTrader!

    PEACE and goodtrading,

    Btw; you may want to put the source under the passage...
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  6. .... just part of the ongoing story of my experiments with truth, my friend.
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  7. Publias

    Publias Guest

    Feel free to email me or PM me if you ever want to discuss The Gita! I have been reading it and applying it to the game of life and trading for a few years now, if you seek the truth my friend, then you have no doubt stumbled accross the right Hindu scripture :)

    PEACE and goodtrading,

    BTW; what translations have you or are you reading???
    #57     Aug 13, 2002
  8. Most certainly, the peaceful Eastern philosophies (from India through to Japan) have great merit in helping a trader to acquire the "zone", since the philosophies can help one overcome ego, which is a primary obstacle in the game of trading... but I would not discount Western literature, namely the precision work on trading by commentators such as Mark Douglas... of course, direct comparisons can't and shouldn't be made between a profound, total all-encompassing approach to life (the Eastern philosophies) and merely a way of conceptualising trading in the correct manner (Mark Douglas et al)... but there is most certainly scope for a symbiotic fusion of the two, resulting in a trader who is well-rounded both in front of his screens and away from them...

    ... the truth lies within all of our souls... if only we spent more time digging... books such as the Gita most certainly can provide us with a metaphorical spade to dig into our souls effectively... life is too transient to not bother discovering who our inner self is...
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  9. I suggest you this link:

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  10. jem


    I am still waiting for an answer about the kids. What a non-answer. The question is so perfect that it seems to indict the whole philosophy. The answer was the sort of answer only Bill Clinton could have made with a straight face.

    The question hits home for me b/c I have two children young children, ( 29mos. and 10 months) and I use to surf and zone out everyday. I was the master of detachment. No schedules for me. While I was surfing a good wave no one was more detached from anything but the moment than me. I sort of miss those surf days. But now I have other joys.

    So I love the question and if it remains unaddressed I can only assume that the question illuminated the truth.
    #60     Aug 14, 2002
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