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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by PubliasEnigma, Jul 12, 2002.

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  1. PubliasEnigma

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    ~Responsive Like an Echo~

    "Matters of great concern should be handled lightly;
    Matters of small concern should be handled greatly!"


    "Handle the difficult while it is still easy;
    Deal with the large while it is still small!"

    --Lao Tzu--

    In a game where uncertainty and chaos appear to be the only constants, it may be a good idea to have a contingency plan. While 'she' may be indifferent, her force can be devastating! This force will manifest itself in the form of wrath to the participants with a lack of healthy respect! Forewarned is forearmed!

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  2. PubliasEnigma

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    The way usualy is & does :D That is fascinating and I will no doubt check this book out. Thanx for the rec Bo!

    #12     Jul 15, 2002
  3. PubliasEnigma

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    ~The Feminine Market~

    Just wanted to throw this out there for anybody who has read or will read my posts on this thread... I have always referred to the market as a 'she'... Other traders would ask me all the time why and I had no explanation... Recently I read Hemingway's 'Old Man & The Sea' and came across this passage... So for anybody who ever wonders why I continually refer to the market as a 'she' this is the best explanation I got :)

    "He always thought of the sea as la mar which is what people call her in spanish when they love her. Sometimes those who love her say bad things of her but they are always said as though she were a woman. Some of the younger fisherman, those who used buoys as floats for their lines and had motorboats, bought when the shark livers had brought much money, spoke of her as el mar which is masculine. They spoke of her as a contestant or a place or even an enemy. But the old man always thought of her as feminine and as something that gave or withheld great favors, and if she did wild or wicked things it was because she could not help them. The moon affects her as it does a woman."

    #13     Jul 16, 2002
  4. Publias

    Publias Guest


    This passage is taken from 'Fall of The House of Usher'...
    IMO, Poe might as well have been describing (in a dramatized manner of course) the fear of "pulling the trigger" most beginning traders must overcome...

    ~Edgar Allen Poe~

    'I shall perish,' said he, 'I must perish in this deplorable folly. Thus, thus, and not otherwise, shall I be lost. I dread the events of the future, not in themselves, but in their results. I shudder at the thought of any, even the most trivial, incident, which may operate this intolerable agitation of soul. I have, indeed, no abhorrence of danger, except in its absolute effect -- IN TERROR. In this unnerved, in this pitiable, condition I abandon life and reason together, in some struggle with the grim phantasm, FEAR...'

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  5. Cesko


    Whether you give a damn or not, I really like this thread of yours.
    #15     Jul 22, 2002
  6. Publias

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    Of course I care Cesko and thankyou :)

    PEACE & Goodtrading,
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  7. Publias

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    The last trade is but a dream
    The next trade only a vision
    BUT this trade well played!!!

    Makes every last trade; a dream of happiness
    Every next trade; a vision of hope

    #17     Jul 23, 2002
  8. The best things about this thread are the pretty fonts and colors.:D
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  9. and even those are losing are losing their appeal...
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  10. Publias

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    Well thankyou soooo much Golden for taking the time to let me know how much you like the thread...
    From now on why don't you just refer to me as PABLOPUBLIASDALIBASQUIT' :D
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