The talking heads will be saying this

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    This is what the market needed, it needed this small drop to keep the bull market intact, they will all be repeating this tonight, that this is healthy for the market. No one will mention anything about a top or bear market, it will be a dip they say everyone should buy.

    The QQQQ looks to be closing below the lows it set yesterday at $53.21, not a good sign.

    Russel looked like it touched its resistance again and backed off.

    DOW below 14k.
  2. lassic


    -DOW below 14k.

    time for rate cut
  3. Investment banks pulling strings of fed

    He will cut again.
  4. Quick Ben spring into action, Kudlow is on the phone begging for an intra meeting rate cut.
  5. The market is "tired" and needs a rest...
  6. Market was due for a pullback at some point

    no bad news or anything triggered it

    cant find any headlines
  7. Yea S! It's nice to see you feisty again I miss Blue Streak. Check out these reversals-

    How's this for a HEAVY downside reversal. Chinese market leader BIDU reversed $58 lower in just 2 hrs!

    15:43:39 Comment The VIX is currently +2.24 (+13.4%) to 18.91, while the more tech-focused VXN (Nasdaq Volatility Index) is +2.81 (+14.2%) to 22.54.

    15:39:23 Comment Also a HUGE $15 reversal on VMW today ,may have signaled an important top

    15:34:25 Comment Possible BIG negative reversal day on DRYS,now more than $10 off the new all time highs set this mornring & -$5 on the session!

    15:27:13 Comment DJI wipes out a 120 point gain ,plunges below 14,000 & reverses 250 points in 2 hrs!!

    Who Called it first Baby! ~ stoney