The takeover of ET

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by drownpruf, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. dbphoenix has a higher post velocity than Hershey. You can't go anywhere on ET without tripping on a dbphoenix thread. Not a single marketable call made. I was told by a former mod (inandlong) about his disastrous career in trading and he came back with this ridiculous performance claim.


    The entire series of posts were deleted when DBP complained. Why are such claims allowed to be made on ET with nothing to back it up?
  2. Because it's the internet. Who is dbphoenix?
  3. I looked at the title and first thing I thought was liberals :eek:
  4. who gives 2 $hits about what others are doing

    do your own thing and worry about numero uno
  5. Because they're like half of the traffic to the site which is ridiculous. I posted that I joined their chat room from the airport and posted a 10 point ES winner and the post was deleted. I thought this was a trading site?
  6. Oh yeah, Magna is a duplicitous cunt. Bya.