The T.A.D princpial

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by dac8555, Nov 21, 2006.

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    I have seen this advertised on a few different blogs (minly trader-X)...has anyone read this? any comments for or against?

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    i was looking for that link..thanks
  4. I got it yesterday. If you mention Trader-X you get a $5 gift certificate. They emailed it to me in a few hours.

    I will say it was very good. You have to be ready to make changes and do what is outlined. If you are not, then it won't help. But if you know you are limited by what you think and how you think, then it seems to be a great resource for making some changes. I will let you know if I stick with it, but at first blush I am happy with the material and it looks promising.