The Swiss mini gun

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    is this gun good enough to stop anything?

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  2. Cool. It might take out a mouse, or large bugs i guess.

    Only drops 40 odd cm at 50m, thats impressive.
  3. if you shot someone with that what would it do
  4. Not sure. The .17 will do serious damage, its only a few mm larger in diameter, but their bullets weigh 10x + that and travel at 3000fps or so.

    Theres nothing to compare it too- those are very ordinary slug gun velocities, but they have a larger point surface area and weigh more.

    I'd vote for "put an eye out" and "sting a lot".
    It would likely break the skin, but would be struggling to damage much.
  5. Is this now going to be the gun of choice for the hip-hop gangstas? You know they love their Rolexes, if Jakob the Jewler is able to diamond encrust this thing I wouldnt be surprised to see a few at the Mtv awards,
  6. Gunslinger, i doubt it would-there's scarcely room on this peice to put a decent sparkler.
    They could make the whole thing outt'a pure platinum, encrusted with gold leaf and it would still be worth less than a normal bling necklace.

    But it's cool, so maybe.......more likely, make a mega-medallion out of them say 6-20 of 'em in a mega bling bonanza.
    Nobody is gonna wear just one of them.
  7. maxpi


    If they found out about it they would be upset.
  8. Arnie


    Probably piss them off pretty good.
  9. Lucrum


    That's with the gun aimed above level.
    Aimed level (chart at far left) it's closer to 80cm at 50m or over 31'' at 164' which
    isn't very impressive. In fact most air rifles have much better ballistics.

    It is kinda neat, but not good for much.
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