The Swine Flu Pandemic was a Hoax

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  1. Look at what has actually happened and tell me that you can come to any other conclusion. Don't worry though, the WHO has managed to swindle billions from the governments of the world to fight swine flu. We can put swine flu in the same category as SARS, bird flu, Y2K, and countless other scams.
  2. Ultimate scam-

    The "financial collapse" of 2008.

    Nothing more than Goldman Sachs manipulating the markets to rid themselves of their competition and steal a few hundred billion from the government.
  3. Idiot-In-Chief, Obama, Lands in Denmark during a blizzard to determine how much he will allow the global temperature to increase.

    Good God, ... anyone need further explanation?

    How about this: Idiot-In-Chief cozies up to Hugo Chavez
  4. It is "pandemic" because it was new virus, contagious, and it was found in the whole world. It does not have to be alot of death to say it is "pandemic"
  5. Ricter


    His lack of knowledge about it does not mean he cannot have a very strong opinion about it.

  6. It was a hoax fruitcake. It has nothing to do with the definition of pandemic. It has to do with these hoaxsters telling everyone that this thing could kill hundreds of millions of people. Look at the panic these statists caused. This swine flu is even less powerful than seasonal flu. It certainly didn't stop the WHO and other UN agencies from capitalizing on it. We know that Obama himself is an exploiter of crisis.
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    This is page 4. If you read, you can see no one know the future of the new virus.

    "Now let me go to the third issue: did WHO overplay the pandemic? The answer here is no, it did
    not. I would like to refer you back to the speech given by the director-general, Dr. Margaret Chan,
    when she first announced the pandemic. In that talk to the world, what she said was that we had
    reason to believe that the pandemic would be of "moderate severity".
    Now from the very beginning WHO has gone out of its way to let everybody know that the future
    course of the pandemic was uncertain, that we did not have a crystal ball and could not tell you
    at the beginning, which way it was going to go. This remains as true today as it was back then. It
    is true, however though, when we're at the start of a new health threat, and particularly when
    there are so any unknowns, that often times the public and the media can react very strongly to
    the emergency of such a health treat, that at the time and all through the pandemic, WHO has
    been very consistent in the information that it has given.
    Now given this reality there is no health authority, including WHO, which can afford to sit back
    before making decisions, and actions have to be taken, because we have to provide support to
    countries and other institutions, working to reduce the impact of the situation. In providing this
    information, WHO has always been very balanced and I think sober in providing its assessments.
    We've worked very hard to neither overplay, nor underplay the situation and we have worked very
    hard to try to reduce confusion, rather than to create it. Now, since we have always known, and
    have repeatedly said, that pandemics can range from mild to severe, we have also pointed out
    that the severity can change midstream. And given this situation, WHO and other responsible
    health authorities have adopted a precautionary approach – that
  8. So the WHO itself is the one who determined that the WHO did not overreact. Brilliant. It is obvious that the WHO along with a bunch of other alarmists overreacted to the situation and painted the picture of doomsday type scenerios.

    The WHO is not alone. I believe the CDC was even more complicate in their actions. The CDC actually told hospitals not to test for swine flu and not to report of swine flu cases and deaths. Why would they do that?
  9. Have you considered a career in the circus? Really.

  10. When they stop testing for swine flu, it was because they already see the trend. Most of the tests to people, (before they stop the test) show the virus is swine flu. Trend analysis show pandemic.(global) So the doctors office do not do the test anymore, but if the person is sick so bad they go to the hospital, THEN they do a test. But not for every person that go to the doctor. And they do the test ALWAYS for military people.
    So what happen is they KNOW it is pandemic from early tests, so no need to keep testing everyone.
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