the suspense is killing

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by indahook, May 5, 2004.

  1. I put on one trade in the QQQ`s premkt everyday. just one with a .25 bracket to exit. still long from 35.41 since 9:15. I am stressed out waiting for this consolidation to resolve itself. I never get this stressed over one little trade...why today??? Full moon? :D
  2. ...odds are you should be short!
  3. maybe...lowered my bracket to .20 just to get the F out.

    35.61 offer...35.21 stop.

    Trading gods here me.....lift thy offer or slap thy bid...just do something :eek:
  4. offer hard reasoning, but two of my systems have called shorts since the open, and we currently have as beautiful a bear flag as you would ever hope to see. Fade me! Of course, I don't believe me for a minute. I'm flat!
  5. ask and ye shall receive.....lifted at 35.61 +200.00

    I will put a bowl in front of my computer tonight brimming with goats blood, honey and milk
  6. ...your best opportunity to short!
  7. LOL...what about your signals? You should have been on the offer with me getting short while I got flat.

    Good trading to matter what your pos!

  8. ...from my infrequent forays into journaling, I only make one call, knowing I have at least a 50% chance of being right, then I quit. I quit.