the surf report--part 2

Discussion in 'Journals' started by marketsurfer, Oct 7, 2005.

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    closing longs in DJIA Dia

    closing shorts in eur/usd.

    going flat taking profits.

    #141     Nov 4, 2005
  2. Hi,

    thanks to everyone who followed the journal and gave criticism and encouragement this year, both here and on the other sites.

    on friday, the decision was made not to trade the system untill january 1, 2006. we had a great year in 2005 and want to make certain the gains are retained thru year end.

    i'll see everyone after Jan 1.


    #142     Nov 7, 2005
  3. Just curious, what is a good year for this system?
    #143     Nov 7, 2005
  4. hi,

    not sure i understand your question.

    the year was quite good for all of our trading strategies and markets which include oil, currencies and the index system.


    #144     Nov 7, 2005
  5. Just curious as to what you think a good year is for your system based upon whatever yard stick you use to measure results?
    Some may use net $, others may look at % return, etc.

    Congrats on a good year!

    #145     Nov 7, 2005
  6. What kind of system gets shut down in what is traditionally a very good trading period every year?

    If anything, scale back on size instead of shutting down (just my .02).
    #146     Nov 7, 2005
  7. WTG Surf. You might do better if youd follow all the advice you get on ET.:)
    #147     Nov 7, 2005

  8. thanks, easy !

    :D :D :D
    #148     Nov 7, 2005

  9. thanks, longhorns. i am happy with the performance and choose to take a break untill jan, 06.


    #149     Nov 7, 2005
  10. O.K....congrats on your year.
    #150     Nov 7, 2005
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