The Surf Report--part 2

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  1. Greetings,

    I will be using this journal to document my trades and economic/social thoughts on elitetrader. My instruments of choice are the YM, ES, QM, Gold and the occasional stock pick. Basically, the DJIA, S&P500, oil, and the yellow metal. I am primarily a swing trader who positions sizes to be able to scale into positions up to 3 times as exact entry timing is impossible. I am also trading with such a size to permit taking heavy heat on positions that the system says are correct despite price noise. However, with this said, I am not into self destruction and will bail out of positions prior to meltdown. I will not be trading every day, and I will not be revealing my entry criteria--- as you know, I don't put any creedence in technical analysis, charts, gurus, or the reality of trends helping with the here and now of entry. I'll post when/if entry points are discovered and/or entered and exits made. I'll also try to interject a bit of economic/political/social news to keep things interesting. I look forward to sharing my ideas with elite. Stay tuned for the first entry levels, stock picks to be posted as they develop. Flat for now.
  2. HAHA! What up surfer my man.

    I see your still alive.

    ET is still a joke, have no idea what the hell your doing your surf report here for. I mainly fuck off during down time.

    How are things? How is my good old home of NYC, being run into the ground by the typical Liberals I hear.

    Hope you'r doing well.
  3. welcome back!

    must be tough starting with only 7 posts :)
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    Surf! Did you sign a peace treaty with Baron? Welcome back.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

  6. Hey man!!!

    Nice to see you. I have been enjoying your commentary here-- a real voice of reason. NYC is good, but I am mostly traveling now-- skiing and what not. How is the DJ/money raise biz in TX/ I have some ideas you may have interest in, email me when you get the chance, I want to hear your thoughts on something. thanks !

  7. hahahaha. yeah, I am still stinging from that mistake. The position closed a long time ago, but have not gone long.
  8. Thanks Mav. We need to grab lunch next time you are in town. VN had his event last year( after several cancelled times) , but I was traveling and missed it. Looking forward to attending this year, no date yet.
  9. Thanks Shortie! :D
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    welcome back surf.
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