The surest way to make 5k a month

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joryan, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Joryan


    Assuming you have $25k cash or $100k BP, what strategy will you use with minimum risk and a guarantee of $5k a month (or $250 a day)? It can be options, futures or even daytrading.
  2. shyhh


    put the $ 25K in your bank and get a day job that pays $ 4,950 should get you pretty close :)
  3. Don't ya just love questions like these?? :)

    What exactly is your definition of "minimum risk"? How much are you willing to lose to make that $5k a month?

    Oh, and, you want a "guarantee" of $5k/month. :D This is just too funny! Sorry to laugh bro, but when you've been around a bit longer you'll understand..
  4. hahahahahahahahaha:confused:
  5. hmap1


    Flip a coin at 9:20 am . Heads to go LONG and Tails to go SHORT at 9:30 on a stock. Exit at the close and do this consistently for an entire year. Deal with the drawdown when it happens for days and never stray from the plan. There is your best guarantee....:)
  6. potrader


    give me the 25k and I'll pay ya $5k per guaranteed!
  7. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    the best way to make $5000 a moth is to take $1.2 million and put it in a CD.

  8. Atlantic


    come on - this is exactly what everbody does (or not?)

    but seriously - it might work with good money management. any system is better than nothing.


    You beat me to it !!!
  10. hmap1


    Exactly!!!! I wasn't kidding.
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