The Super Terrific Happy Hour

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  1. Oh...just looked at the level II...could have done quite a bit better on that.
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  2. This is the peak for PM, btw.
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  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Did PM actually print down to 110 today or is that just a dud print? LOL PM had a bigger range than any of the tech stocks through earnings, fucking crazy. Ballsy trade dude, i think your good, but it takes big balls to short those calls.
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  4. vanzandt


    No its a real print. I watched it. I love it when they do that. Bouncin around like Tigger the Tiger on crack.
    I wish I what have known what BB knew.. no domestic exposure.... would have been nice to end the week with a ten bagger.
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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    PM is actually a perfect example of what i was crying about earlier in terms of lack of volatility, prints down to 110, then just goes straight up without a dip, the algos just grind it right back to where they think it should be.
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  6. Yeah, when PM and MO make a big day time move, search google news for tobacco. If you see the words FDA within the last hour, open up PM and hit the buy button till your fingers bleed. You don't get opportunities like this often.

    MO is a GREAT buy right now as a hold forever investment.
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  7. PM never should have dipped. It's definitely the algos, but they weren't smart enough to catch the news, and that it only applied domestically.

    I just snagged some for my investment account (though, in my trade account right now--can't bear to open up the investment account right now--I don't like big red numbers)
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  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    Nice snag man! Wish i would have noticed it at 110.
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  9. Me too. I bought in at $114 before the volatility caught up...I missed the bottom by miles, but I don't think I did too bad on the entry (well, the big green "realized" means I know I didn't).
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  10. and out of SQ at 26.50

    And if I stop trading now, this will be my biggest one-day realized gain ever (investment account notwithstanding) :D
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