The Super Terrific Happy Hour

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  1. Just went long 8/4 115 calls on PM
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  2. Right play. Wrong price...this one is going to hurt. I missed the bottom here, by a lot.
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  3. Nevermind! In at 1.10, out at 1.8 :D

    Plus, I dumped my shorts on the diagonal for a song.
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  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    The anatomy of a trade, here goes guys as best as i can analyse this its probably the biggest fuck up in this journal, im just going to break this down piece by piece so you get a feel for it.

    I started out really small just piecing into the ES and it was just going to be a trade to give me a bufffer, my entries were awesome, my first 2 exits were awesome, but then for some reason i was pissed off i top ticked the exit on my last 2 ES contracts and went from up over a k (including unrealised) to up about 400.


    I really should have been done paying the price there but then i decided i absolutely had to be right, the ES had to go down today, so next up i shorted like 12 contracts and only lost a couple ticks but thats still the rest of my 400 gone.

    It was all because i couldnt stand scratching those last 2 ES contracts, that put me to -400 i

    think ES.png

    Then i stopped out dead top once again lost everything plus went to negative 400, only to tell myself this things going down, and be stubborn one last time, short 8 more contracts 2466, and get mysef back up to 400 bucks positive. Then i just got a grip on myself and asked WTF am i doing, it was hardcore tilt, days like that can easily cost thousands of dollars, theres no reason to be stubborn, no reason to even have that desire to be right, who cares if your right or wrong, if you make more on winners than losers. This was just an epic example of piss poor trading i should have lost a few k today i was so mad and so convinced i was right dont know why.

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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Finished up 451 bucks but i feel like i should put my dick through a cheese grater to prove how bad what i just did was, i should have lost thousands today, i got out alive, this was really fucking dumb, dont know why i insisted on being right.

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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    I say all of this to serve a purpose, this journal helps me in hindsight cause it shows me my tendencies, but i also show it to prove, it only takes 1 moment of frustration to blow out alot of progress.
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  7. vanzandt


    I wonder why MO didn't bounce back. Its still down 9%
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  8. Just got to work and my computer--did that PM trade on my phone.

    I was worried I left a lot of money on the table with it--but I looked at the chart, almost certainly would have had the same entry with my platform. May have done better on the exit, but I'm not counting teeth on this winner.
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  9. FDA regulatory news. That's why the PM buy--no domestic exposure. Give it a week to shake out, and buy the best dividend stock you'll ever own for a stunning value.

    I don't even want to think about what happened in my investment account today.
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  10. And back short on the PM 8/4 $118 call. $1.30.

    If I had kid's they'd be going to college while I fucked algos.
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