The Super Lux Watches that take Years to Make

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  2. My dream watch is the Patek Philippe Celestial 5102J's dreamy and magical, to me. :wtf:ops:
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  3. But will it "take a licking and keep on ticking"... like a Timex?
  4. Ah....Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    it's hard to explain. when you just find something so alluring.
  5. You talking about a watch, a car, or a woman?
  6. lol ...a woman is universal...that's not in the eye of the beholder only. so are most sports cars too.

    ...You don't find that watch "alluring"...a Patek Philippe watch is the creme of the crop.
  7. I get that, but while it's a work of art to some, it's still just a watch. (I've got a couple of expensive Swiss watches myself... no where near as exclusive as this one, but they don't tell time any better than my Seiko.)

    I can't quite fathom how anyone, let alone me, has any need to accumulate 14 watches... seeing as how you can wear only one at a time. One of my favorites is a Seiko automatic which I bought in Koza, Okinawa for $27. Mine range from that $27 Seiko to a $2,500 Tag.
  8. that's why I said more or less...that was my 'dream' watch. :wtf:ops: Only a very select few fortunate people in life could afford it, or are willing to buy it.

    For us mere mortals...logic and reasoning excuses kick in...since we cannot afford it.
  9. Fine watches are actually a good from that standpoint 14 lux watches are like fourteen pieces of art or 14 pieces of antique furniture, Persian rugs or a mix. Even if you don't walk on the rugs (use them) or sit on the furniture (use it) but rather just admire them...they are still a good investment in your inventory. Some people collect classic cars...most everyone has an interest or weakness I would suppose. I, myself, enjoy the collecting old Indian Motorcycles.

    Do I drive them. No not much. I rather enjoy driving my 2011 Infiniti. But I do admire the cycles, go to shows, talk Indian cycles with others like minded, sell and buy over the years etc..
  10. [/QUOTE]
    I said I have 14 watches... not 14 "lux" watches. Actually I have none of those. Most of mine are from impulse buys (like the one with Bugs Bunny on the face) or for having bowled award scores way back when. My Cyma and Tag, while still overpriced... are very nice, but I don't consider them to be lux.

    Regardless of what they cost, they all keep time about the same.
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