The sum of all fears

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    The "buy and pray" crowd may be pulling out of equity MF's:


    CBS MarketWatch

    4:40pm 06/13/02 Investors pull $5.2 bln from stock funds in latest week By Craig Tolliver
    Investors yanked $5.2 bln from stock mutual funds in the latest week, following $6.8 bln in outflows the week before, Trim Tabs said Thursday. Over the five-day period ended Wednesday, equity funds that invest primarily in U.S. stocks had outflows of $4.3 bln, compared with outflows of $5.8 bln the prior week. Stock funds investing abroad saw outflows of $900 mln vs. $1 bln siphoned off in the previous week, according to the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based fund analyst. Trim Tabs tracks daily flows of 90 mutual fund families, representing about 15% of all equity fund assets, to arrive at its weekly estimates.

    Don't get me wrong. At this juncture, odds favor an intermediate-term bottom over a 1987-style crash, but it is coming..... :cool: