The success of UK´s wealth: Migrant cap could bar 88,000 students

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  1. Britain will have to shut the door on up to 88,000 foreign students if it is to comply with its self-imposed immigration cap, according to a senior government adviser.

    David Metcalf, head of the independent Migration Advisory Committee, said the government would need to slash the number of visas granted to non-European Union students to deliver on its election promise to cut yearly net immigration to “tens of thousands” by 2015.

    Shutting down the ORIGIN of Britain´s wealth ? Not a good idea.... :cool:
  2. How are they the origin of our supposed wealth (what wealth, we just have debt) when the majority leave the country within 5 years of completing their studies?
  3. he means you can't rely on the incestuous locals to bring forward evolution...
  4. cheeky

    but seriously
    no wonder 'they' are raising tuition fees if they're going to lose foreign student fees
  5. Real estate prices in London are still indicating that foreign investors are more than ready to pay tremendous amounts for Hyde Park locations. So, basically Britain´s "wealth" is imported. You get rid of foreign students - you get rid of their parents supporting London´s real estate market. Isn´t difficult to understand, or ?