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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Steve Tvardek, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. I have recently become very interested in the subconscious mind and its ability to become altered to help traders break through barriers in trading. From the little I know on the matter, by bypassing the conscious mind (which is biased and opinionated based on life experiences) and allowing information to access only the subconscious, important messages can get through which can have great impact on our trading.
    I dont know if anyone has ever tried any form of hypnosis of any kind either with a professional or through an audio form such as a CD, but am very interested in hearing from anyone who has experience/opinions on the matter. As for me, I am very consistent, make money almost every single day (btw $200-$600 range) but am having the hardest time breaking out and really excelling.
    Any thoughts?
  2. ozzy


    Funny you bring this up. I downloaded quite a few books about this subject yesterday. I have no comments just yet. I think your general attitude can have a large impact on your subconsious mind. I'll read up on this subject and see if it has any merits.
  3. c_323_h


    hey do you think you can post the links to the e-books? i am also having a hard time conquering the psychological aspects of trading. thanks
  4. I've done a bit of reading on this and personally, I think the real message you are looking for is finding a way to change your behavior. I assume you believe your behavior is tied to your subconscious.

    Some ideas that you may know about:

    I read somewhere that you should never focus on losers since they put you in different, almost negative, state of mind.

    The flip side is that we are supposed to lose small many times over - a good loser is a good trader. Kind of ironic but not really if you think about it. You absolutely have to stay positive to deal with the many losers.

    That being said, define more positive goals and focus on them.

    I am in the same position you are and I believe this is like getting acclimatized to higher elevations. Slowly work your way up until the breathing becomes easy (literally). I normally trade 200-300 shares and now I occasionally scale into 500-1000 share positions, the idea is limiting the downside while really pressing a winner.

    The above goes really counter to human nature but I believe that with enough practice it becomes less difficult.

    Just my .02.


    p.s. here is good link for all sorts of books
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    Take your favorite relaxation music, and overlay with recording of affirmations on weaknesses you want to overcome. It's a cost effective derivation of Holosync technology. I meditate with Bachs two part invention #13 muted in the background, what this does is anchors me psychologically to a relaxed state when I put it on later in the heat of trading battle. Later during trading, when you replay this music with the overlayed affirmations, you will find it easier to follow hard rules like keeping a stop or being patient with waiting for the right setup. Also look into EFT. It can help resolve issues by anchoring affirmations into chinese acupressure points. As far as breaking out, have you tried adding more contracts?
  6. I recently became interested in biofeedback, and ordered an interactive computer game called Wild Divine.....played it a few times in the past week and my trading results have been much better
  7. Where did you get the game? Did you get the hardware too?


  8. I ordered from their website ( ), but I later noticed that there are cheaper copies for sale on comes with the hardware (biofeedback sensors) which is necessary for the game
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    I would If I could. Download a P2P program and do a search.

    That' should do the trick.


  10. Your quote "As for me, I am very consistent, make money almost every single day (btw $200-$600 range) but am having the hardest time breaking out and really excelling.
    Any thoughts?"

    Just one thought for you. Forget all the hokus pokus. You're consistently profitable. Up your size. That's it.
    #10     Jul 12, 2005
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