The stuff hits the fan tomorrow!

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  1. slower growth, higher inflation......that is a market I want to invest in!
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    Invest? I thought you were a trader. Now you are an investor? LOL.
  3. apparently, bluestreek's methodology is this

    call for a market collapse nearly every day

    at some point, he/she/it HAS to be right
  4. we actually have news wed, thurs, and fri----market sells off all 3 days starting with tomorrow`s news.

    Bank Reserve Settlement
    MBA Purchase Applications
    7:00 ET
    ICSC-UBS Store Sales
    7:45 ET
    ADP Employment
    8:15 ET
    8:55 ET
    Construction Spending
    10:00 ET
    ISM Mfg Index
    10:00 ET
    4-Week Bill Auction
    1:00 ET
    FOMC Minutes
    2:00 ET
    Motor Vehicle Sales
    4:00 ET
  5. we have news practically every week

    regardless, you keep making these predictions

    sooner or later you will be right

    frankly, im a little concerned about the TRANS/DOW divergence
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    I am very interested in this methodology. Has anyone gotten any hard data on it...

    :D :D :D

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  8. actually those are better markets to be investing in mav----money will be moving overseas from the us at the start of this year.
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    Investing? Are we talking about trading or investing here? This is not EliteInvestor, it's Elitetrader!!!!!
  10. Thursday`s news---another excuse to sell off the us markets.

    Weekly Bill Settlement
    Monster Employment Index
    6:00 ET
    Challenger Job-Cut Report
    7:30 ET
    Jobless Claims
    8:30 ET
    Factory Orders
    10:00 ET
    ISM Non-Mfg Survey
    10:00 ET
    Pending Home Sales Index
    10:00 ET
    EIA Petroleum Status Report
    10:30 ET
    3-Month Bill Announcement
    11:00 ET
    6-Month Bill Announcement
    11:00 ET
    Chain Store Sales
    12:00 ET
    Money Supply
    4:30 ET
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