The stricter the gun laws, the safer the children

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    Fact? Hardly. More like a huge, steaming pile of horseshit and manipulated data narratives.

    Here is the article. My comments in bold/italics.

    (CNN)Strict firearm legislation could be the answer to a disturbing increase in gun deaths among young people, according to a new study.

    This link refers to another CNN article that leads to a link in the New England Journal of Medicine which doesn't claim anything about strict firearm legislation having anything to do with a "disturbing increase in gun deaths". More on this survey in a moment

    In a paper published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that firearm-related deaths among young people are 35% lower in states where mandatory background checks have been required for at least five years.

    Again, this links to another CNN article that then links again to a link of all Pediatrics articles (on a broad range of topics) so there is no way of knowing which article they are referring to without performing an exhaustive search on all articles on the website. For example, a simple search on "firearms" returns pages upon pages of texts written. Why not link to the specific article so people can actually read and learn the context of the numbers? Because, CNN.

    It's evidence that measures like universal background checks for firearm and ammunition purchases and identification requirements can significantly reduce the pediatric mortality rate, researchers said. More than 21,000 young people under 21 died from firearm-related injuries between 2011 and 2015. The number translates to roughly seven funerals a day, said lead author Dr. Monika Goyal of Children's National pediatric hospital in Washington, DC.
    Using fatal injury data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers examined how the aforementioned measures (and whether or not states have them) affect gun deaths among children and young adults.

    Sure, here is the chart (CNN doesn't show this for reasons that should be obvious but are detailed below in my commentary: [​IMG]

    The vast majority of these deaths were by homicide and suicide with only a very small percentage actually being driven by "unintentional". Gun legislation does not stop gang killings or suicides, so gun legislation doesn't do jack shit to stop these deaths. "Fact" my ass.

    The team evaluated the strength of a state's gun laws using scorecards from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a nonprofit that ranks the strictness of laws on a 100-point scale. Higher scores indicate stricter legislation.

    Ah, the Brady Campaign - but no source on the data. Let me guess, David Hogg was the researcher?

    Strict laws protect kids even in states with high rates of gun ownership

    For every 10-point increase in a law's safety score, firearm deaths among young people dropped 4%, the study found. Scores were bolstered by additions like child access prevention laws or extreme risk protection regulations. Assaults accounted for more than 60% of all deaths, followed by suicides. Young men made up 87% of victims, and more than two-thirds were between 18 and 21, researchers said.

    Sure, gang shootings (between 18 and 21). These aren't children, by the way.

    Even in states where gun ownership is high, strict laws that control the purchase of guns protect children and lower mortality rates, the study showed. That's likely due to access, Goyal told CNN in an email. Some states require gun owners to keep their weapons locked and unloaded at all times, a type of child access prevention law, which reduces the likelihood of unintentional injury.

    Probably. But Unintentional is clearly indicated in the statistics and is almost nothing in the data. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't work to remove all unintentional child firearm deaths, we should. But the solution isn't getting rid of guns but properly storing those guns.

    Extreme risk protection laws, or regulations that allow the state to remove guns from the homes of people deemed unfit to possess them, likely keep that number low, too, she said.
    Gun violence is the second-highest cause of death among young people.

    Until you remove the numbers on gang crimes and urban violence. Then more kids die from dog bites than guns. Oh, and what's the highest cause? Automobile accidents. So we need to ban cars right away.

    Firearm-related injuries are the second-leading cause of death among children and adolescents after car accidents, a 2016 study found.
    It's a disturbing part of a national trend: The US leads other industrialized nations in gun-related deaths, a rate that's steadily increased after years of decline, the CDC reported in 2018. But the politically potent nature of gun ownership has beleaguered efforts to legislate it.
    "We have seen dramatic decreases in motor vehicle deaths by investing in sound, evidence-based research in child passenger safety," Goyal said. "We must embrace the same approach for gun safety."

    Again, until you remove urban violence, where guns laws won't make an impact.
  3. It's legitimately frightening that we have people in responsible positions who think this is a compelling analogy. They will blame space aliens before they accept the fact that we don't have a gun problem, we have a black and Hispanic gang problem. I notice those stats were not broken down by race either. Wonder why?

    Making criminals out of law-abiding citizens should be an unacceptable alternative, not the default option.
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    Common sense but conservatives don't care about dead children.
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    It sounds like an interesting study. Too bad it doesn't seem to exist. The CNN article says it was published this past Monday by Pediatrics, but none of their articles from July seem to contain this information. I wonder if it got taken down due to misinformation.
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    What’s the rationale for removing “urban violence?”
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    Huh? A sixth grader could have found the study.
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    Bullshit, Tony. If Liberals actually cared about children they'd not run and hide every time we bring up inner city gang killings and drive by deaths with children involved.
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