The street is very bullish 07-07-08

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Jul 7, 2008.

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    "Very bullish"? Lol, I could go with "not panicky yet". But if the masses were bullish there might actually be a bid for stocks not everyone looking for some limp rally to sell
  2. the early morning gap up, and collapse mid-day ruined the bounce IMO. Too much unknown, too much scared money, oil comes down 2-3% and the market falls...
  3. VIX finally moving. Maybe this will finally create a little 'wooosh' effect to the downside.
  4. OOPS sorry bulls
  5. hehe, bulls ? I dont think there are any left
  6. FRE And Fannie are getting slaughtered. Two trillion in liabilities between both of them. These are the real too big to fail. It's only matter of time before PPT (Fed) is called into action and calm the markets. I give it 3pm.

    PPT Cometh!
  7. The fed hahahha, the fed what a joke. Quick Ben drop FF to 1.00%. That will do the trick!
  8. WTF? I was just joking around. Damn PPT.
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