The Strange Case Of JADE

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  1. Boy Dutton & Associates really bailed out JADE. April 17th they released NOTHING NEW. Same Target of $16
    and same rating. read this.

    Dutton Associates Announces Investment Opinion: LJ International Maintained at Speculative Buy (Possible Near Term Upgrade) Rating by Dutton Associates
    BusinessWire - April 17, 2007 12:00 PM ET

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    Dutton Associates continues its coverage of LJ International Inc. (Nasdaq:JADE) with an update report maintaining its rating at Speculative Buy (subject to upgrade) and a $16.00 target price. The updated report by Dutton senior analyst Sally L. Wallick, CFA is available at as well as from First Call, Bloomberg, Zacks, Reuters, Knobias, and other leading financial portals.

    LJ International has not yet reported fourth quarter and full year 2006 results. However, in mid February, the Company announced sharply higher revenue and earnings guidance for both periods. It projects fourth quarter revenue of $40 million, up 27% from $31.6 million a year earlier, and diluted earnings of $0.16 per share, 78% above the 2005 fourth quarter's earnings of $0.09 per share. For the full year, its projections are revenue of $123 million, up 30% year over year, and diluted earnings of $0.34 per share versus $0.24 per share in 2005. ENZO achieved positive earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2006 and appears to be on track to turn profitable some time in 2007. In light of ENZO's better-than-expected 2006 performance, the Company plans to accelerate the chain's expansion. We reiterate our Speculative Buy rating on LJI's shares. Based on our target price and Dutton Associates rating parameters, a rating of Strong Speculative Buy could be justified. However, we are maintaining our Speculative Buy rating for now pending the 2006 earnings report and will review this rating again following that release.

    >> Ok nothing at all new here. The stock has shot up from $9.50 to $11.50 on this AND IS UP TODAY BIG in the face of a China sell off. Bot that's what paid for research will do for a company. Go JADE, wish I still owned you! My mystic, mysterious, and profitable temptress. ~ stoney
  2. Didnt hold it gains yesterday but i look for another little runup today back to 11.50.
    I am gonna try and get in again this morning if the volume is there i think we could see it break its 52 week high from feb.
  3. Saw 11.40 but no volume today. I nibbled @ 10.82 with earning on Thur i think this should be a good play going into nextweek.
  4. Hey stoney, i cant seem to get any comfirmation on the earning date. My broker says the 26th and a few others have said it got pushed back to the 30th.(Read on it was the 30th but not confirmed. Curious if you have any info on this one?
  5. Got an answer from IR. They said they will announce the date tomorrow.
  6. Kaliman earnings should be very good I would think. Try to get a handle on store rollouts-- I'll dig around later today and get back to ya!~ stoney
  7. Well no announcement as of yet. Kinda strange that its now April 24th of 07 and they havent even announced Q4 06 and Y06 numbers.Hell its earning period for Q1 07 for most companys.
  8. Kali when you get the voice mail at JADE hit " 0 " twice and say the following: " America Needs A Back Rub " you will then be prompted on how much money to invest... ~ stoney
  9. lol ooooooooooookay!
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