The story of the trader who won 3 billions / year

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  1. The story of the trader who won 3 billions / year

    He is the one who permitted the new riches like Turner to access the super elite. In fact it seems he became a threat for them as Jimmy Goldsmith one of the super elite revealed (see last page of the story ):

    Sir James Goldsmith, who has been both a client and an opponent of Milken's, saw the conflict proceeding from the threat to take power away from those who had held it. "I don't know whether or not Mike Milken realized at the time that he had found a way of financing an immense revolution in America, but now he has witnessed the full power of the establishment triangle: big business, big unions and big government." He then added, " As I European, I witnessed the same alliance trying to avoid change and neutralizing those responsible for it."
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    I like Milken, he has chutzpah, and just like MrMarket . Did you also take notice ... Milken is a Wharton School graduate ... just like MrMarket. Go figure... :)


    ps he is HUGE after all.:)
  3. Like him, that's OK. But realize he is an ex-con solely because he violated the law.
  4. Yeah! Another rug-wearing jailbird!

    Arf! Arf!

    Alice, it is sooooo great to see u back!

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    Is there any other way to be an ex-con? :)
  7. Yeah. The jails are FULL of innocent men. When the get out they are ex-cons. Some of them will NOT have broken the law. Complicated, aint it?
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    If an innocent is sentenced to prison?
  9. Hey Ninja, dont bother explaining, 'Alice' went to Wharton. Probably has a brain the size of a roast cashew.

    PS, this post is meant to inflame.
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    Yes of course they are all innocent. Visit any prison and ask them.
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