The Story of Stuff

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    Keep your political ideology out of it and watch this video.

    How much crap do you need to be happy??? Guess what, you cant buy happiness at the big box store....
  2. On a serious note, in some of the still remaining 'tonier' areas, it's all the rage to be a minimalist.

    If you are a conspicuous consumer, you are lame.

    And it's true, shit can't bring you happiness. Some things can bring you pleasure if you have a passion for them, like if you're a true fan of wine, and you buy a highly prized and quality bottle.

    But that's not most people. When they raided Kozlowski's penthouse, they found new, exotic cars that had never been driven - ever - and 250lk to 800k paintings that were stacked like cheap, dollar store items in a spare room, still wrapped in brown, thick paper.