The Stock_Trad3r bear turn is starting, but......

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sandygray66, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. No one can see the call because the mods erroneously threw my thread into chit chat last night.

    I was totally serious in using Stock_Trad3r's latest bull market rally cry last night as the perfect contrarian indicator to finally go short on this massive bounce-back rally.
  2. Wah! Wah!

    SandyGray's vagina hurts and the mods hurt his emotions!!! So he's going to continue cluttering up the trading forum with his crap.


  3. I like his/her MOOO MOOOO COW post. LOL

    I think Stock_Trad3R is the 40-year old Virgin. He was probably home last weekend making egg salad.
  4. My feelings weren't hurt....I couldn't give a shit.....just trying to be of service to other traders with this perfect contrarian indicator.

    Now that you've shown up here also ByLo, with your adolescent rants, this will get thrown into chit chat too.....but I'm sure that's your objective since I keep pointing out that you three are just ET plants to generate traffic here.
  5. I have subscribed hoping that a big fight ensues.....:D
  6. Why keep posting bullshit in the trading forums, like this thread?

    Even I don't do that, even when posting many threads per day - I respect the few here who are actually putting their balls on the line w/ real money (their own) too much to clutter this forum up.

    That's why I stick mainly to Economics and Wall Street; it doesn't distract. Only those wanting to read news like I post go there. I don't involuntarily subject them to non-relevance..

    stock_turder is many things in addition to a contrarian indicator; he's a douche, prepubescent (most likely), a big fan of Transformers, and has a Cartman like relationship with his mom, none of which makes him 'trader forum' worthy.

    Start this crap in Chit Chat and save the mods the effort.

    Most people with 100 posts could figure that out.
  7. I happen to agree with sandy. Strocktrad3r is the best contrarian indicator in ET and should get front page coverage. lol
  8. Exactly!

    Much more valuable than all that cut-n-paste tripe from ByLo. Real traders don't give a shit what's flooding the press (it's mostly manipulated to achieve a specific objective). The price action says it all (along with Stock_trad3r's timely contrarian calls).