The stock_trad3r 2009-2010 depression

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  1. :-D
  2. I think he's in the bathroom barfing his breakfast. Shouldn't too long til he's back out screaming "bull" and muttering "long-term."
  3. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    I called his house, talked to his mom. He actually burrowed himself behind the toilet in the fetal position wimpering something about GOOG to $900.

  4. bwahahahahnahahhahahahahaaaaa bond_trad3r hits this one out of the ballpark and into the next COUNTRY! YEAHHHH
  5. LOL!!! The sequel ....I love it.
  6. He's probably still out campaining for Mccain, if the dows going to 12k by 12/31, the Mccain still must have a shot in winning in good oles stock warped view of reality!
  7. I'm still here

    yahoo tech ticker bullush on commodities and energy. they want rising gas and oil prices because its good for US economy and stock market.,IFN,FXI,EWZ,DBC,DXO,EEM

    When oil was at 140 the dow was at 13,000.

    Now oil is at 65 and the dow is at 8900. So much for the bearish, anti-free trade, anti globalist theory that falling oil is good for stocks and the US economy. It isn't.

    We need the dollar to fall. We need more bailouts. Need to invade iran so that the dollar falls and oil goes up, which is good for large cap tech, energy, and commodities. Need second stimulus package.
  8. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    It's over, all of it. No idea how slow the death will be but it will happen.

    Better stock up on cans of food and ammo, no joke, you may be really happy you did about 2 years from now.

  9. Please stop quoting stock_trad3r.

    Those of us (half of ET) that have him on ignore don't want to read his relentless bullish nonsense.

    Put him on ignore. You will see that ET is much better without his trolling.
  10. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    Ok, sorry. I didn't know.

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