The stock_trad3r 2007-2008 market recession

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  1. Im naming it after him. If anyone's read his posts, this guy has ZERO idea of anything that's going on fundamentally here.

    So, because of this complete disregard for the facts, and his stupid "going higher" will be remember under his name.

    Best of luck stock_trad3r
  2. I said before if we enter a bear market I'll have Baron cancel my account.
  3. The same could be said about all those "We will crash tomorrow" threads that you participate in.
  4. Really? Wasn't expecting that answer. When's your signal to get out then?
  5. Make an athlonmank8 new highs thread. We'll compete for return :D
  6. betting against the smarties is a bad idea. The smarties want the market to go much higher..15000 for the dow by 2008 or so.

    The smarties are bidding it at the close again. This indicates there is tons of buying strength left. There is huge global growth and tons of consumer anfg global spending.

    Massive earnings. Huuuge growth for exporters. Tons of cheap labor. Lower inflation, rising oil and gold. Tons of domand for materials. Tons of credit card debt. Tons of demand for student loans and colleges. need college education to make money and be a good consumer. Need to vote and be a well rounded person. Need to buy more. Need to spend more on Christmas shopping.

    Santa rally coming+ 2008 election rally. Huge buying. Huge consumer spending. Need lead toys from china.

    I dont see an end to this buying anytime soon. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from now we'll still be having this debate and I will still be winning.

    I know everything.
  7. Sobieski


    answer the question, stock turder.

    at what point will you STFU and go away?

    if we break the August lows? 12800 level?
  8. I wont shup up cause there wont be a bear market.

    And the dow wont go to 12800, loser. Anyone who thinks it will is an idiot.

    CNBC global had some TA guru in Early August who said that according to some stupid log treandlines the dow would revist what a moron. The closest was 12500 for only an hour and then it surged higher above 13000.
  9. Sobieski


    OK, guys, we have it on record from the man:

    the Dow will never get to 12,800...
  10. so many loser bashers here

    looks like shorts got @$$ rammed into the close again

    dow off 80 points from lows

    No one makes money for long going short in this market.
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