The stock trad3r buy all the time thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by frank grimes, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. LOL your posts always make me laugh cause you so passive aggresive.
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  2. I typed it!

    Does the fact that my analysis is very simplistic make it wrong? Um no it doesn't. Why is the market surging? Cause the bear sters and subprime was no big deal.
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  3. yes I agree..I live on west coast now...While I was doing the businessmans special out then golf..Brooklyn got a tornado? I was born in hell's kitchen (now clinton). wow 3 inches of rain in 1 hour. I LOVE CALIFORNIA
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  4. ehsmama


    Why do you think Analysis has to be 10 pages LONG...Those who know can say in one line..Those who don't have to write a thesis .. I think this is a Chinese Proverb
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  5. You don't have to do any analysis! You are alot like a politician. If you say buy buy buy all day everyday the same fucking 5 or 6 names what is there to analyze? Just remember, this is you're thread. You can pollute it however you want. The adults will stick to other threads where original thoughts and ideas go on. I know your opinion is the only one that matters to you. Thats what this thread is for. You can have the same tired conversation with yourself all day long. Mkt getting killed right buy buy Right?
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