The stock trad3r buy all the time thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by frank grimes, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Here we go stock, I am creating a thread where you can interact with yourself. If the mkt is up, you can come on here and say you know how everything works. If the mkt is down, you can say buy the dip to your hearts content. If you are wrong 10x in a row, you know what? you still are right! You can tell yourself all day long what a guru you are. This is the hall of fame for you big guy. The only person you listen to is yourself, and the only people that give a rats ass how smart and all knowing you are is you. The adults pool will be every other thread but this one. You are not welcome in any of those threads. Tear it up nostradamus!
  2. I predict he will soon predict.
  3. if he was 16 year old it would be alright

    a kid showing interest is a good thing,

    but this is a grown man,

    truly sad,

    I think he is maybe not all there, you know what I mean
  4. Beware the stock trad3r!

    I went to a seance when WD Gann appeared to tell me his secrets of forecasting.

    "Get lost Gann!" I screamed "Stock trad3r is all I'll ever need!"

    Gann soon vanished but before he did, Gann warned me that stock trad3r is a shape shifter and gets his picks from the Prince of Darkness.

    All I can say is BEWARE!!!

    He has powerful friends, BEWARE!!!

    This is stock trad3r:

  5. I am new to this site and have noticed that many, and it appears very many members of this forum harbor animosity towards stock trad3er. I have read many of his posts and understand the frustration....

    My question is why people respond to him, IMHO it only encourages him.... he spouts buy.... giving no rational, technical or fundamental reason other than the coin landed heads.... but multiple pages of multiple threads are dedicated him...

    Would it not be more effective to just ignore him as most of us ignore CNBC hype and "Cramer"?

    I for one would enjoy reading threads which weren't interlaced with quotes from stock trad3er or a reference to cramer .... :)
  6. Exactly.
  7. Um but nothing wrong with being redundant if the market continuously proves you right? Am I right?

    People say that I am blindly bullish and that I don't justify my bullishness with any analysis.

    Here is my orginal analysis:


    I've been saying that all last week. Few people listened. Bear sterns is just one **** company that is having problems.

    carry on
  8. That is an impressive analysis. Did you write it in crayon? Or did you take a chance with ink?
  9. Yey, He found his way, without any help it looks like, to the kiddy pool! Well done stock. Now that you found it, please stay here. You can cheerlead for yourself all you want. You can copy and paste your e-trade transactions here as well. This is devoted to you and you only. Now everyone else, please adjourn to where trader threads, we can use big words and maybe even some technical terms!
  10. Frank although I think it's a good idea for stock to have 1 thread so he doesn't clutter the forum with garbage, your best bet is to ignore the trolls.
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