the Stock Market is saying F*CK YOU

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. to:

    the yeild curve
    the bond market
    trend traders
    the real estate market

    who else?
  2. No....the big boys have to clean up there buried equities has to go up to do that. Then they can rotate and sleep at night again....LOL! :D
  3. Wow, you figured all that out with just one up day?

  4. I'm freaking loving it. Each uptick triggers margin calls I bet with sentiment so bearish.
  5. This is the blowoff top all you bears are looking for. On the day you see a reversal, short the hell out of it.
  6. add in the demark combo buyers of crude
  7. This should hopefully ingrain the lesson to BUY EVERY DIP.
  8. I think hes pissed because he predicted a reversal today. First time Ive seen the tick go to 1500 in awhile.
  9. Yes the TICK has looked very strong program mania. :D
  10. He is Elitetrader's own Ace Ventura: Stock Market Detective.
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