The Stock Market is for suckers

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    And thank gawd for 'em! :cool:
  2. Mark Cuban has a point... Stock Markets aren't what they were when our grandparents started investing
  3. sounds like the typical person pissed off from losing money in the markets.

    Sure, if you invest now, its harder to tell where the economy will be in 10 years compared to the past. Thats because we arenty in the freaking industrial revolution.

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    With more information and analystical tools becoming available to common investors, the stock market stands to offer much more promise and returns than before.
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    Mark Cuban is one of the luckiest market timer. He sold his company to Yahoo during the PEAK (circa 1999) for BILLIONS. Then he bought PUTS on the yahoo stocks to hedge himself. So even though YHOO crashed he still net billions!

    In additon, at markets low 2002, he put in more into stocks.

    I guess he might have cashed out 2003 and stood ont eh sideline. who knows.

    but he timed the bubble very well i would say.
  7. Buy and hold are for sucker

    Nice article anyway
  8. It just means there will be more dogs fighting over the same bone.
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    "The bottom line is that unless you plan on making it a full time job to do your research and put yourself in a position to have an advantage, you are going to get your ass kicked at some point by someone who does. You just have to hope that it doesnt put a big financial hurt on you when it happens"

    I agree with this point. It's very hard trading part-time unless you have an amazing plan.
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